Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hiding Diary

Interesting! I found an article on hiding your personal diary that suggests a few places where you can hide it. One of the suggestions:
"Put your diary inside a desktop computer. Most computers have lots of empty space inside the case, and very few people think to look inside them. People, and parents especially, may not be very good at dealing with technology and not even realize it can open or that there is any space inside. Just be sure not to store it somewhere where it will damage your computer, start a fire or block airflow to components that need cooling."
It's funny that they thought about computers, but didn't notice this simple fact: if you keep your diary on your computer, using diary software, you don't even need to hide it! Especially considering the fact that good software, such as Mémoires for Mac, can encrypt your diary, so only you can read it.

Please don't hide your diary inside a computer, literally. Use a better tool for a job — a software application.

* * *

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