Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Why Write a Diary on Mac

mac-diary.jpgKeeping a diary is a time-honored tradition that allows us a safe and secure outlet for sharing goals, passions, dreams and secrets. As a rule, diaries and journals have been maintained in a very simple manner: in a paper journal. What if there was a better way? What if you could further simplify the process, while making your diary more robust and powerful? With today's technology, this is not only possible but also available. If you have an Apple computer, you can keep your own Mac diary. Here are several reasons why:

Simplicity of Mac OS X

It is widely accepted that Mac OS X is by far the simplest operating system out there. Apple has gone out of its way to offer a simple, yet robust system for managing our digital lives. As a result, you can keep your diary where you browse the internet, check your email and keep in touch with family. Rather than keeping things in separate places, everything can be consolidated into one spot.

Easily Return to Memories

How much time do you spend flipping through your journal trying to find a specific memory or event? How often has there been an entry that you search for that you just cannot find? The process of search through a paper journal (or volumes of paper journals) can be both tedious and frustrating. When you keep your memories digital, however, entries can be easily organized and retrieved. By utilizing the search feature, you can look for certain words, names or dates. To make things even easier, each entry is organized by date allowing you to sort through them in several different ways.


Take your memories with you everywhere you go, and fill your diary up in ways you never have before. Very frequently are memories best described with words alone. There are sounds, smells and images that come to mind. Why not include as many of these when you put them into writing? While smells and some sounds cannot be replicated in your computer, images surely can. Is there a certain image you want to include with a memory? Place it right alongside your entry!

Easy Backup of Diaries

With the use of a digital diary, keeping a backup is easier than ever. Imagine backing up your paper diary. How long would that take? With a simple press of a button, you can create a backup of your memories that you can transfer and save forever.

Easy Encryption/Security of Entries

While some diaries have built in locks, are they very secure? When you use a Mac diary, security is easy. Simply designate a password for you journal, and your memories will be protected by that password. To further protect them from prying eyes, the words you write will be encrypted so that nobody can read your inner thoughts without permission.

When you take all of these factors into account, it is easy to see why a digital diary is better than on paper. While it may take a little time to transition from journaling by hand, the security, reliability and simplicity will definitely make your new journal the best place to keep your thoughts.

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