Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Personal diary vs Blogging

Blogging has become increasingly popular during the last few years. People of all ages enjoy this relatively new trend. However, there are some reasons why you may decide that keeping a personal diary is preferable to blogging.

First, logically, there is the element of privacy. While some people are not bothered by making every thought and action public on a blog, most people have some reservations about it. Even if you like to share most of your everyday life with your friends, it is likely that there are many things you want to keep private. You may also not like the idea of people whom you do not even know having access to your online blog.

A private diary solves this problem. Whether you choose a ready-made diary or a simple notebook, you can reasonably expect that whatever you write does not go any further than your own eyes. Even if you have an online blog, you might like to have a personal diary also, for this reason.

Second, a diary can be preserved. You might want to look back on what you have written, or pass your diary on to your children or grandchildren. Famous people have done this for generations. Even if you do not become famous, having something special, which you yourself have created, is important. You do not have this security with online blogging. It is not something that you can hold in your hand, or tuck away for the future.

Almost everyone likes to write about themselves. This can include activities, hopes and dreams, and accomplishments. It can also include your viewpoints on many different subjects. While there is much of this that you may want to share with others, there is probably also much that you want to keep private. Whether you decide to publish a public blog or not, keeping an offline diary should also be a part of your life.

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