Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This Month in Diaries: New Version of Diary Software, Screencasts, and Difference Between Blogging and Keeping a Diary

Last month we introduced you to a new version of Mac diary application, Mémoires. You can read more about it and the new features in our short review. There's also a video screencast about how this software works.

As for video screencast, we linked to two of them in "Mac Diary Video Tutorials" post. If you're wondering how you can start writing your journal on Mac, or how to password-protect it, make sure to check out that post.

Finally, in "Personal Diary vs Blogging" we talk about differences between blogging and keeping a personal offline diary. Many people consider these activities somewhat similar, and while there's a bit of truth there, blogs and personal diaries are very different. Read the article to learn why.

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